Yasmine Chatila- English Version

Italian version: https://shahrazadart.wordpress.com/2013/10/19/274/

Yasmine Chatila is the carpe diem concept artist and she shows us how it is related to art and artistic activity. The Artist’s photos have a common denominator: the window. This photographer captures intimate and daily images by being stationed behind windows of 14large urban centers. The window is not the only the communication channel between inside and outside, it is a frame as well, so that it’s a reference to Figurative art. But if a painting requires the fiction of a posing subject in order to be portrayed and immortalized standing motionless for hours, the pictures-photos of Yasmine are fleeting moments, glimpses at the window and if they weren’t captured by the camera lens they would had disappeared forever. Against the art of poses, Yasmine suggests the art of fugacious and unrepeatable moment and the truthfulness of the moment itself. After closing the door, everyone can remove most of the heavy everyday mask and expresses  herself/hisself: a pair of homosexual lovers, an unconsciously sensual woman, a lone musician playing for the night, and so 5on. Yasmine Chatila doesn’t censorship neither sadness nor eros, and in her black and white portraits the everyday human gestures are the focus of representation and they gain an almost timeless charm, and even the town itself becomes another leading actor of the photos, not less than human beings. The town’s framing the window frames and sometimes it is absorbed in a dreamy atmosphere. The nightly sleeping city surrounding 3each window evokes all the lives we won’t know, and maybe that’s why trey’re even more fascinating. The town lives in these photos as a labyrinthine dimension, typically postmodern, made of a thousands of existential ways, of a thousand faces destined to be unknown. The artist seems to narrate us the intimacy of human being in the urban habitat, which is usually thought as antithetical to the intimacy dimension of human beings.2 In huge cities, faces are mixed up and a mass of strangers is locked in many individual inner worlds which merge into the ocean of  multitude. This is not so for the eyes of Y. Chatila because she still captures a tangle-town where the individual dimension becomes even stronger, full of beauty, charm and dream.

Dafne Castronovo

For further information, pop in at http://www.yasminechatila.com/



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