Rodin’s Kiss

Il bacio, RodinThis work was created as a representation of Paolo and Francesca, two characters from the Divina Comedia. Dante placed these two lovers in the hell, therefore into everlasting punishment, contrariwise Rodin placed them in an eternal kiss. From the sculptor’ standpoint, their love becomes timeless as the stone, marmoreal, and the passion which animates them is represented in the height of his power: the two bodies are closer each other, but the movement is not complete yet. While Dante gives a name and a face to the two figures, so that they can be recognized by the people of their time, and even by people of posterity, as the real persons of Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta, Rodin portrayed them faceless, precisely with an hidden face, and if it wasn’t for the title of the sculpture (originally Paolo and Francesca, and later The Kiss ) not one of us would had recognized them, and this is another reason why, according to Rodin’s view, their case become just a human fact and each of us can identify herself/himself with it. The faces of the two lovers are also on the verge of disappearing because their individuality seems to yield to an amalgamation which seems to be their fate from the moment of their own creation: they are born from a single block of marble. They’re still smooching, and it’s nice to think that , as long as they are so busy with a timeless hug  made of stone, they will be protected from bad infernal weather and from Catholic’s morality.

Dafne Castronovo


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